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Cartas de Declaración (Declaration Letter)
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The beach is so pretty: Everyone is at the beach
Diva of Geneva (exhibition view)
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The Golden Antelope
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The last Mikado
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Rosanna / Self-Amazement
Someone who doesn't want to be alone
Learning judo with Vladimir Putin
Where I have never been nor will be
Parachute / Paranoia
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Where I have never been nor will be. 2009 (Donde nunca he estado ni estaré)
Painting (acrylic on canvas) and video (10’45” loop)


"Where I have never been nor will be" is a painting and a video as a diptych of two places that try to resemble. The painting is a copy of an image downloaded from Internet of the first landscape discovered in Cuba by Columbus. The video consists in the superposition of two locations in Amsterdam.

"Donde nunca he estado ni estaré" es una pintura y un video como díptico de dos lugares que intentan parecerse. La pintura es una copia de una imagen descargada de Internet del primer paisaje descubierto en Cuba por Cristóbal Colón. El video está compuesto por la superposición de dos lugares de Ámsterdam.