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Paintings 2012
Dating a Royal (exhibition view). 2012
The Golden Antelope. 2011
Nail polish tutorials (videos). 2011
Nail polish tutorials (performances)
Nail polish tutorials (videos). 2010
Nail polish Tutorials: Exhibition views
RijksakademieOPEN. 2010
The last Mikado. 2010
Rosanna / Self-Amazement. 2010
Sit and do nothing. 2010
Ready-mades 2009-2010
Untitled. 2009
Someone who doesn't want to be alone. 2009
Learning judo with Vladimir Putin. 2009
Where I have never been nor will be. 2009
Parachute / Paranoia. 2009
Decade. 2009
Selected Works 2007-2008
Red Videos (serie). 2005-2006

Selected Works 2004-2005

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yaima carrazana

yaima carrazana

Parachute. 2009
Installation 270 x 350 cm

This work is a curtain made with fabric of a war parachute.

Paracaídas 2009
Instalación 270 x 350 cm

Esta obra es una cortina hecha con la tela de un paracaídas de guerra.