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Dating a Royal (exhibition view). 2012
Paintings 2012
The Golden Antelope. 2011
Nail Polish Tutorials:
Daniel Buren . Nail polish tutorial No. 2. 2011
Olivier Mosset. Nail polish tutorial 2011
Michel Parmentier. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
Niele Toroni. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
Kenneth Noland. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
Ellsworth Kelly. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
Blinky Palermo. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
Nail Polish Tutorials (performance). 2011 
John Armleder. Nail polish tutorial. 2010
Daniel Buren. Nail polish tutorial. 2010
Frank Stella. Nail polish tutorial. 2010
Barnett Newman. Nail polish tutorial. 2010
Jasper Johns. Nail polish tutorial. 2010
Malevich. Nail polish tutorial. 2010
Nail Polish Tutorials: Installation view
RijksakademieOPEN. 2010
The last Mikado. 2010
Self-Amazement. 2010
Rosanna. 2010
Sit and do nothing. 2010
"Untitled" (Two Illustrated Histories of the Great October Socialist Revolution) 2010.
"Untitled" (Volksmacht op Cuba). 2010
What are you still doing here?. 2010
Che Guevara and Conceptual Art. 2010
Untitled, 2010
What color was the white horse? 2010
Objects of catharsis I & II. 2009
Untitled. 2009
Someone who doesn't want to be alone. 2009
Learning judo with Vladimir Putin. 2009
Where I have never been nor will be. 2009
Paranoia. 2009
Parachute. 2009
Good Luck. 2009
Decade. 2009
Dios no Responde (God does not respond). 2008
Potencia Medica (Medical Power) (serie), 2008
F117 - Nighthawk. 2008
B2 - Spirit. 2008
Platoon. 2008
Crossings. 2008
Stars. 2008
The two pills of Michael Moore. 2008
O Muerte (Or Death). 2007
Cinco Heroes (Five Heroes). 2007
Colitis. 2008
Virus. 2007
Red Videos (serie). 2005-2006
La Hybris de un Rey (video). 2004
The Tower (video). 2005
Todo en Orden (All in Order) (video). 2004
Tribute to the last neon of Havana (video). 2004
Red river, black cloud. 2005
Political Prison. 2005
Lenin. 2005

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La Torre (The Tower). 2005
Public intervention. La Habana Vieja. Cuba.

La Torre. 2005
Intervención pública. La Habana Vieja. Cuba.

The card of The Tower that belongs to the Mythical Tarot, presages the collapse of the existing forms. This work was to distribute this letter in Old Havana with the message: THE TOWER IS GOING TO FALL ANYWAY, EVEN IF WE WANT OR NOT. The aim is to get a clear anonymous message that speaks of the fate in a society that has reached the boiling point where endings are inevitable.

La carta de "La Torre" que pertenece al Tarot Mítico, presagia el colapso de las formas existentes. Esta obra consistió en distribuir esta carta en La Habana vieja con el mensaje: LA TORRE VA A CAER DE TODOS MODOS, TANTO SI QUEREMOS COMO SI NO. El objetivo es transmitir un mensaje anónimo claro, que habla de la suerte en una sociedad que ha alcanzado el punto de ebullición, donde los finales son inevitables.